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Vinyl fence, railing or decking will not warp, rot, peel, blister or discolour. It will never need painting, staining, or scraping (like wood or iron).

No splinters, no tree sap, no inconsistencies, no knot holes, no slivers or nails. Vinyl Railing and fence has 5x the Flexibility and Tensile Strength of comparable wood fence.

Most of all, you'll "Never Paint Again", and it looks great year after year!

 Please see what some of our customers, have said about our product, service and company in the "Testimonial" section.

The product Warranty. Our Country Estate Vinyl/PVC product has a lifetime warranty (50 years).

It is normal for materials to expand and contract during temperature changes. As with most plastics, vinyl becomes less flexible in colder weather conditions. However, unless subjected to unusual impact, it will not break or crack. Country Estate Fence products have been engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings. Planks, pickets and rails are easily replaced if damaged.

The other important ingredient in our PVC is the “UV protectors”. Normal fading could occur to an acceptable level, the same as all other products exposed to the sun.


CEF/FAF includes galvanized steel channels inside the bottom rail for all fence styles and the top & bottom rail for all railings.

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Vinyl fences and railings from CEF/FAF Products are designed to last a lifetime. All of our products are backed by one of the industry’s best warranties.

All of our vinyl products are engineered to retain their beauty and good looks throughout their lifetime. The only reason to use paints on our vinyl products would be to change the color of the product. While we do not recommend painting, there are paints that are available for PVC. Painting or treating the product does void the lifetime warranty.

The initial cost of PVC is similar to the initial cost of Western Red Cedar left unstained. However, when all the varied cost factors are taken into account over the life of your fence, vinyl (PVC) becomes the true money saver. Factors such as having to replace the wood fence in 5 to 10 years, and yearly maintenance costs (labour, paint, replacement boards, etc), and the effects on the environment because of treated wood or the toxic chemicals needed to maintain a wood fence show that wood truly isn't as cost effective in the end.

PVC products are safe and non-toxic. They will not breakdown and release harmful chemicals into the ground and do not require toxic chemicals (stains, waterproofing, paint, paint thinner) for regular upkeep like treated lumber can. No trees are used in the manufacture of PVC.  Because of the exceptional long life of PVC, several times the amount of wood that is needed to manufacture the same fence in wood can be saved over the lifetime of the fence. If the vinyl ever needs to be taken down it can be recycled into other products, such as hoses and watering cans.

Remember those cheap chairs going grey and break, that is the lack of UV stabiliser. The black particles is the carbon exposed to the sun. The expensive UV stabiliser in PVC is called Titanium Dioxide therefore a higher content is a better product and better warranties.

NO. UV stabilizers, although essential for long time performance of the product, cost money. One easy way for some competitors of "PVC/VINYL manufacturers" to compete is to cut back on the amount of "expensive" UV stabilizer included within the product. 

This is the term used for vinyl products that do not contain recycled products. Recycled products that may be imported into an extrusion plant may contain impurities or lower grade vinyl which can seriously affect the finished product's resilience, impact resistance and UV inhibition. Country Estate Fence uses only PVC products extrude with virgin ingredients.

 CEF/FAF products are available in White, Almond, Gray and Clay.

Imagine the freedom of almost maintenance-free outdoor products. No painting, no treating, no sealing… just relax and enjoy your precious leasure time

As with all exterior products, a fence or railing will become dirty when exposed to the elements. Under normal condition all that is required is an annual washing of the product to keep it looking new. A mild detergent and water solution should be sufficient to keep your fence or deck rail looking new. For tough stains, Soft Scrub or baking soda work well.

We have different caps to help compliment different homes and different fence & railing styles. 

Nothing. One of the beauties of PVC is that it does not rot.